More than just concrete

Betoncentralen are specialists in concrete for all purposes. They provide solutions for the construction industry, and since their foundation in 1962 they have been an important partner in construction for both companies, private and the public sector.

Moved their finances forward

As Betoncentralen's complexity grew, they needed a business partner who could help them both with bookkeeping and with an upgrade of their system platform. In June 2019, they therefore entered into a collaboration with Repenso, and we have since been responsible for Betoncentralen's bookkeeping and payroll management. Repenso has introduced Betoncentralen for the financial system Uniconta and for the invoice management system IRIS, which they use in full today. Repenso has been a continuous sparring partner and advisor when Betoncentralen have had the need.

How we assist Betoncentralen

Rent an Employee

Financial System

Budget and Reporting

Outdoor Festival

” Vi er rigtig glade for vores samarbejde “
Martin Walsted
Outdoor Festival


"Repenso delivers when we need it"
Michael Timm

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