Outdoor Festival

The largest outdoor festival in Denmark

The outdoor festival takes place in nature around Ry. The festival started in 2014, and is now the largest outdoor festival in Denmark. At the festival, there are more than 100 different activities – in short, many different activities for the whole family.

They got a handle on their annual accounts

Repenso's collaboration with Ry Festival started in the summer of 2019, when they needed help with their annual accounts. Since then, Repenso has also helped Ry Festival with budgeting and financial management. In addition, we have helped with analyzing previous events to create an overview of the festival's development.

Sådan hjælper vi Outdoor Festival

Digital Bookkeeping

Budget and Reporting

Financial System


"Repenso has moved our finances forward"
Nicolai Mogensen


"Repenso delivers when we need it"
Michael Timm

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