Objectives and values

Jesper Bagge, Rikke Høgh og Christina Sølvsten på kontoret i Skanderborg


Repenso's mission is to create value-creating and innovative solutions for our customers. We will enter into close strategic cooperation agreements so that we will be able to act and move our customers' companies forward. Here you can read more about our goals and values.


Our set of values is part of Repenso's DNA. The core values connect us all the way from Greenland to Denmark and create a common direction for all employees in our company.


Mutual openness between our employees, customers and business partners is one of the core elements of Repenso. We believe that an open and transparent working environment creates space for wonder, input and honest dialogue.


For us, responsibility is about making a commitment and assuming a responsibility. We are driven by our professional interest and integrity, and there will always be a clear connection between what we say and what we do.


Although we at Repenso work with digital solutions and robot technology, human values will always be at the center of our work. With empathy, interest and respect for others, we get closer to creating solutions where everyone involved is a winner.

Power of action

We believe in creating results through action. At Repenso, we are proactive, and we always make decisions in a timely manner and based on professional judgement. In this way, we ensure both quick results and a high level of satisfaction.

Objectives and values

All of this constitutes our goals and values, which we do our best every day to live up to, and that this is also the experience our business partners and customers have.

Who are we?

Repenso was founded in July 2017 in Greenland. The founders behind Repenso are former accountants, who all used to work for one of the leading consultancies in Greenland. During our time in Greenland, we learned that the Greenlandic market lacked a serious provider of outsourcing, bookkeeping solutions and financial management. That was the starting point for Repenso. We have expanded since then, and today we have four departments in Greenland and Denmark. Our departments are in Skanderborg, Køge, Nuuk and Ilulissat.

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Kontoret i Skanderborg - Nyheder

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