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Kontoret i Skanderborg - Om os

Om os - Hvem er vi?

Repenso blev stiftet juli 2017 i Grønland. Stifterne bag er tidligere revisorer, som alle har det til fælles, at vi har arbejdet i et af verdens førende konsulenthuse i Grønland. Fra vores tid i Grønland erfarede vi, at det grønlandske marked manglede en seriøs udbyder, der kunne tilbyde outsourcing, løsninger af bogholderi og økonomistyring. Det blev startskuddet til Repenso. Siden har vi udvidet, og har nu fire afdelinger i Grønland og Danmark. Vores afdelinger er i Skanderborg, Køge, Nuuk og Ilulissat. Læs mere om os på denne side.

Why Repenso?

Financial management is a matter of trust. At Repenso, it's real people that manage your finances. Yes, we work with digital bookkeeping, we flirt with robot technology, and we are constantly trying to make things more efficient, but it will always be people of flesh and blood that ultimately verify and handle your bookkeeping. For the same reasons, you will always meet the people that handle your bookkeeping before we get started. For us, it is important to be physically present. Although we can solve most tasks from our office, we are happy to come to you and meet your company and your employees.


This enables us to better assist you with your bookkeeping and discover opportunities or challenges. Repenso will supply products of the highest quality. It is in our DNA, which comes from our time in the accounting industry. We are competitive on our prices, and we believe that what we deliver is top notch when it comes to getting value for your money.



If tasks can be solved more efficiently, it is only a question of 'when'. We are on a common journey with our clients, and Repenso's role is to ensure that your financial management continuously follows and supports you and your business.

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