At Repenso, we work with several software developers to be able to offer our customers holistic solutions. We have selected our partners based on quality, integrability and price. Our list of partners is constantly increasing as new needs arise with our customers, and as we enter into new agreements.

A Pos (Point of Sale) provider that is much more than just a checkout solution. Together with Pos One we offer a complete integration between financial system, webshop and point of sale. This means that you only need to update your items one place, and the customisation options are endless. The system supports multiple terminals in the same store, and multiple stores in the same scope of accounting. There are very few limitations, high level of functionality and integration options.

POS system

Uniconta is a financial system created by Erik Damgaard, the man behind C5 – which was the world’s best financial system for SMEs of its time. He decided to build a new system that lived up to the same requirements as C5, but that could also accommodate future challenges. Uniconta is the best choice for many companies, but especially if you have specific needs for warehousing and project management. Uniconta is Cloud- and subscription based and costs 99 kr. per month.

Financial System

IRIS has developed an invoice management software of the same name. With IRIS you get a flexible invoice flow with approval and procura setup. In addition, you get robotic reading of invoice content, and thus largely automatic bookkeeping. IRIS supports purchase orders and is integrable with all major financial systems.

Digital Bookkeeping

Er du på udkig efter nyt lønsystem, så skal du ikke lede længere. Intect er et innovativt lønsystem, der giver dig mulighed for at skræddersy systemet efter behov, så det passer til lige netop din virksomheds. Systemet er lynhurtigt og intuitivt, og tilbyder funktioner som realtidsdata og godkendelsesflow til lønkørsler, der sikrer en betydelig lavere fejlmargin i din lønfunktion.

Payroll Service

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